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Board of Leaders

Director: Dr. Le Sy Doanh
A Doanh
- In charge of the whole activities of the Institute.
- Assigning deputy directors in charge of some working domains.
- Directing, guiding and inspecting the activities of the attached units.
- Assuming the prime responsibility for organizing the implementation of programs, topics, projects and other tasks assigned by the President of the Vietnam National University of Forestry and superior ones.
- Establishing of Advisory Councils; To make decisions on reward, discipline, salary
increase, recruitment, according to the provisions of law.
(See attached CV in Vietnamese)
(See attached CV in English)
 Senior Scientific Advisor: Prof. Dr. Vuong Van Quynh
T Quynh
- Advisor to the Board of Directors of the orientations of Scientific Research and Deployment of Scientific Activities of the Institute.
- Participate in the activities of the Scientific Council and Training of Institute.
(For details, see Attachment)

 Vice Director: MSc. Pham Van Duan
A Duan
- In charge of scientific research, technology transfer.
- In charge of the General Department, Department of Ecology and Forest Development.
- Participating in solving the general affairs of the Institute and signing the documents as authorized by the Director.
- Perform other tasks assigned by the Director.
(For details, see Attachment)

Period 2015 - Present
A Doanh
T Quynh
A Duan
Dr. Le Sy Doanh

Prof.Dr. Vuong Van Quynh
Senior Scientific Advisor
MSc. Pham Van Duan
Vice Director

Period 2006 - 2015

T Quynh
Prof.Dr. Vuong Van Quynh
Director 2006 - 2015

Vice Directors
T Dien
Thầy Giảng
T Bao 2

Prof.Dr. Pham Van Dien
Vice Director 2006-2007

MSc. Ho Van Giang
Vice Director 2006-2009
Assoc.Prof.Dr Tran Quang Bao
Vice Director  2009-2011
1 c giap
A Thinh 2
A Doanh
MCs. Nguyen Quang Giap
Vice Director 2011-2014
Assoc.Prof. Vu Tien Thinh
Vice Director 2013-2016
Dr. Le Sy Doanh
Vice Director 2014-2015
Implementing projects in 2017
List of implementing projects in 2017:
1. Supporting Di Linh Forestry and Bao Lam Forestry Company Limited (SFFC) to meet international standards for SFM in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) funded by FAOVN

2. Review, adjust the Plan for forest protection, restoration and sustainable development of the Central Highlands up to 2025 with orientation to 2030 funded by VNFOREST

3. Co-operation between UNEP and IFEE in undertaking the work contributing to the development of a knowledge package on the use of spatial analysis supporting REDD+ planning at the sub-national level
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