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Board of Leaders

Director: Dr. Le Sy Doanh
A Doanh
- In charge of the whole activities of the Institute.
- Assigning deputy directors in charge of some working domains.
- Directing, guiding and inspecting the activities of the attached units.
- Assuming the prime responsibility for organizing the implementation of programs, topics, projects and other tasks assigned by the President of the Vietnam National University of Forestry and superior ones.
- Establishing of Advisory Councils; To make decisions on reward, discipline, salary
increase, recruitment, according to the provisions of law.
(See attached CV in Vietnamese)
(See attached CV in English)
 Senior Scientific Advisor: Prof. Dr. Vuong Van Quynh
T Quynh
- Advisor to the Board of Directors of the orientations of Scientific Research and Deployment of Scientific Activities of the Institute.
- Participate in the activities of the Scientific Council and Training of Institute.
(For details, see Attachment)

 Vice Director: MSc. Pham Van Duan
A Duan
- In charge of scientific research, technology transfer.
- In charge of the General Department, Department of Ecology and Forest Development.
- Participating in solving the general affairs of the Institute and signing the documents as authorized by the Director.
- Perform other tasks assigned by the Director.
(For details, see Attachment)

Period 2015 - Present
A Doanh
T Quynh
A Duan
Dr. Le Sy Doanh

Prof.Dr. Vuong Van Quynh
Senior Scientific Advisor
MSc. Pham Van Duan
Vice Director

Period 2006 - 2015

T Quynh
Prof.Dr. Vuong Van Quynh
Director 2006 - 2015

Vice Directors
T Dien
Thầy Giảng
T Bao 2

Prof.Dr. Pham Van Dien
Vice Director 2006-2007

MSc. Ho Van Giang
Vice Director 2006-2009
Assoc.Prof.Dr Tran Quang Bao
Vice Director  2009-2011
1 c giap
A Thinh 2
A Doanh
MCs. Nguyen Quang Giap
Vice Director 2011-2014
Assoc.Prof. Vu Tien Thinh
Vice Director 2013-2016
Dr. Le Sy Doanh
Vice Director 2014-2015
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