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Forest inventory database management

The forest inventory data management software provided: updating, storing and providing statistical data about the area, forest volume, and forest use purposes by forest owners, management units, and administrations.

        The software has been used in the "National Forest investigation and inventory period 2013 - 2016".

Authors: Prof. Dr. Vuong Van Quynh, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Quang Bao, Msc. Phung Nam Thang, Dr. Le Sy Doanh, Msc. Pham Van Duan, Msc. Nguyen Van Thi.

       The software has been granted copyright registration certificate by Copyright Office Vietnam on 07/02/2013

       The software has been designed including four main components: update, lookup, statistic, and map. Within each component, the number of command groups performed different functions.

        The software was developed in different versions:

        Version I: Perform functions on an independent computer

        Version II: Perform functions for searching information via Internet

        Version III: Perform all functions via the Internet.


The software was designed to following main objectives:

        - Updating and storing data and status maps of forest resource

        - Providing information

        - Making forest owners lists


        - Information on forest plot characteristics such as plot code, area code, the name of administrative units, the name of forest owner, the name of the contractor, area, stock, total years of plantation, species, the land use rights, the dispute status, purposes, etc.

        - Location and forest plots shape of each forest owner on the map.

        - The tables showing the area and reserves of each forest owner, management, and administrative unit according to the purposes, the users, the species, the status of the right and the status quo.

        - The forest management profiles include the lists and maps for each forest owner, management unit and administrative unit.


        The software permits the updating, storing, and providing the statistical data of forest including area, volume, and purposes by forest owners, management units, and administrative unit. It was composed of four components: update, lookup, statistics, and maps. Within each component, there are groups of commands that perform different functions.

1. Component “Update”

        This component allows updating forest inventory data from the digital map showing the boundaries and attributes of a commune, district, or province. This component also supports for checking updated data on the map and some errors when mapping. In addition, it facilitates quickly and accurately numbering for forest plots.

        - Forest inventory data updating

        In order to update the data from the digital maps showing the boundaries and attributes of forest plots, the following steps are required:

Step 1. Check the structure of the forest inventory maps

        Checking data of the commune, district or province that need to ensure the attribute structures of each forest plot completely. If the map structure does not meet the requirements for updating the software data, it will inform about the field being defective and the content of the error to be corrected.

Step 2. Checking the forest inventory data

        It is important to check the forest status, tree species name, plot number and other information by the group of commands in software or other functions of the GIS software. Testing functions can be used to modify the boundaries of forest inventory boundaries prior to updating the database of the software. When using the test function on a certain attribute, it will display a table with two columns showing the information entered into the database. At first, the information in the two columns is exactly the same. If the user edits the information in the right column then after closing the table the software will automatically correct all the information in the database according to the corrected information for all information such as information in the left column.

Step 3. Deleting data of commune, district, and province that required updating

        Updating the data of a commune, district or province to a database of software needs to delete the previously updated data in the database of the software. First of all select the data update, select the name of the province, district, and commune to import data. The next step is to click on the delete command of the selected province, district or commune.

Step 4. Entering data from maps into the software database

        The software automatically enters the necessary attributes for collecting forest inventory data for each forest plot.

To update the data of a province, district or commune, select "Update from the map". Then, on the command window, select * .dat file to update the data. Click on the button on the import database window, it will enter the necessary data into the database automatically.

2. Component "Look up"

        - Component "look up". There is various information in the forest inventory database. Users can look up information of forest plots quickly attached to forest owners of a commune, a district, a unit of forest management.

When clicking on the lookup component, the software will provide a list of forest plots of the commune with the names of forest owners arranged in Alphabetical order, which contains the main information such as plot name, name forest owner, administrative unit, forest status, area, and forest reserve.

3. Component “Statistics”

        This component permits the display and printing of forest inventory data at all administrative levels in accordance with the regulations of the Forest Protection Department. It is built using a combination of search, statistics and output commands to display or print forest information in 21 standard templates.

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