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Functions, missions

According to Decision No. 277 / QD-DHLN-TCCB dated 30/9/2016 of the Forestry University on the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of Institute for Ecology and Forests - Vietnam National University of Forestry.
  1. To formulate strategies, master plans and long-term, five-year and annual plans on programs and projects on training and scientific research in the field of forest ecology and environment in task of Vietnam National University of Forestry and organize the implementation after being approved by competent authorities;
  2. Scientific research and technology transfer in the fields of forest ecology and environment; Biodiversity; management and sustainable use of forest resources; application of GIS, remote sensing and information technology in forestry; collecting and storing specimens for research and training of the sector;
  3. To perform the task of training, fostering and developing human resources in the field of ecology and environment according to the provisions of law;
  4. To consult and providing services in the fields of forest ecology and environment, forest seed; Biodiversity; management and sustainable use of forest resources; investigate forest and forest land planning; inventory and inventory of forest resources; social forestry; Climate Change; forestry policy in accordance with the capacity of the Institute in accordance with the law;
  5. To enter into international cooperation and joint venture with organizations and individuals in the assigned fields according to the provisions of law. Carry out service, production, business, import and export activities in service of scientific research and training in accordance with the provisions of law;
  6. To participate in the formulation of national standards, national technical regulations and economic and technical norms on forest ecology and environment;
  7. To manage the human resources, finance, assets, facilities and other resources of the Institute in accordance according to the law;
  8. To perform other tasks assigned by the president of Vietnam National Univesity of Forestry...
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