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General Affairs Division

General Affairs Division

General Affairs Division

1. Introduction

        General Affairs Division is a part of the Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment. General Affairs Division includes Organization team – administration, Finance, and accounting team – accounting, Scientific Management Team. In some years ago, the Department has coordinated with the specialized departments to complete many projects, programs at all levels as well as carry out the general administrative tasks of the institute set by the Ministry / School.

a. Organization team – administration

        Performing tasks related to the administration, personnel and administration of the Institute:

  • Proposing policies, plans, and tasks about organization and personnel work;
  • Developing, guiding and monitoring the implementation of internal regulations; programs and directions of the Party, policies, and laws for civil servants and contract labors;
  • Managing administrative works (clerical, transaction, reception, storage...)
  • Proposing and organizing the embodiments of the service life management of equipment, facilities, water, electricity, communications, sanitation, protection.

b. Financial - accounting team

        Financial accounting team is responsible for building and implementing regulations on internal expenditure, financial planning, general accounting

  • To assist the director and the head of the general section to make estimates of financial revenues and expenditures, monitor and urge the implementation of approved cost estimates;
  • Collecting, processing information, recording accounting data, archiving documents. Making accounting books according to accounting standards and regimes, performing accounting operations and making financial reports in accordance with the law on accounting;
  • Inspecting and monitoring the financial revenues and expenditures, the obligation to collect and remit debts and inspect. Managing the use and source of assets, ensuring financial activities in accordance with laws and internal regulations;
  • Analysing the accounting information and data, proposing proposals to Director and Head of the Department for making managing solutions and financial decisions.


c. Science management team

  • Constructing and organizing the implementation of long-term plans for scientific and technological development  activities (including plans for facilities and development of cooperative relations);
  • Helping Director and departments about programs exploitation, projects, scientific research projects and scientific services contracts;
  • Managing and organizing the external relations, propagandizing and introducing the Institute;
  • Coordinating scientific research activities, national and international cooperations;
  • Monitoring, promoting and inspecting the implementation progress of scientific plans within the scope of management;
  • Receiving, evaluating materials, research products. Storing and managing scientific documents and dossiers;
  • Organizing training, research, and transferring science and technology;
  • Managing the training and capacity improvements for staffs and those who have needs as requested by the Director.
3. Staffs
a dang anh
Kieu Đang Anh
Literacy: Master of Forestry
Phone number: 0936.468.342
Position: Manager
Research field:
- Sustainable forest management
- Ecology, Forest Environment
- Forest seed.
Curriculum vitae: CV link

c vu oanh
Vu Thi Kim Oanh
Literacy: Master of Environmental Science
Phone number: 0982.840.703
Position: Vice manager
Reseach field:
- Environmental Science
- Control of environmental pollution
- REDD +, sustainable forest management
Curriculum vitae: CV link
Pham Van Huan         
Literacy: Economic bachelor
Phone number: 0988.369.062
Position: Accountant
Research field: Economic management
Curriculum vitae: CV link

Tran Thi Hien Luong
Literacy: Master of Forestry
Position: Researcher
Phone number: 01674.543.801
Research field:
- Application of remote sensing in forestry
- Forestry
- Environmental technology
Curriculum vitae: CV link

c van
Nguyen Thi Anh Van
Literacy: Bachelor in accounting
Phone number: 0163.299.6776
Position: Văn thư
Research field: General Administration
Curriculum vitae: CV link

Doan Thi My Dung
Literacy: Bachelor of Accounting College
Phone number: 01675.165.882
Position: Accountant
Research field:
- Economic management
Curriculum vitae: CV link

4. Contact Address
Scientific team - Phone number: 0466.821.330 - Room 103
Administrative team - Phone number: 0422.458.161 - Rooms 105 - 106
Finance team - Phone number: 0988.369.062 - Room 111

Building A3, the Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment - Vietnam National University of Forestry
Xuan Mai Town – Chuong My district - Ha Noi

Implementing projects in 2017
List of implementing projects in 2017:
1. Supporting Di Linh Forestry and Bao Lam Forestry Company Limited (SFFC) to meet international standards for SFM in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) funded by FAOVN

2. Review, adjust the Plan for forest protection, restoration and sustainable development of the Central Highlands up to 2025 with orientation to 2030 funded by VNFOREST

3. Co-operation between UNEP and IFEE in undertaking the work contributing to the development of a knowledge package on the use of spatial analysis supporting REDD+ planning at the sub-national level
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