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Research Center for Wildlife and Plant Conservation

Research Center for Wildlife and Plant Conservation

1. Introduction

        This department is a professional unit belonging to Institute of Forest Ecology and Environment. The Center has an area of 2.0 hectares of the modern farmhouse on the campus of the Botanical Garden. Over the past years, the Center has participated in many projects, programs in the fields of forest animal breeding, biodiversity conservation, survey, forest species ...

2. Functions

  • Advising the board of leaders on the professional work related to the forest fauna and flora, Conservation, Biodiversity.
  • Creating teaching and studying environment for teachers, students in University.

3. Missions

  • Develop and organize the implementation of the project, transfer the technical progress of the Institute on forest fauna and flora in accordance with current national regulations;
  • Research, transferring the professional technologies about: forest fauna and flora, biodiversity;
  • Construction consulting and evaluating the projects relating to fauna and flora conservation and development.
  • Promoting the cooperations with organizations which implementing projects, programs... relating to fauna and flora.
  •  Participating in human resources training about fauna and flora.       
4. Staffs
a van
Nguyen Huu Van
Literacy: Master in Forestry
Position: Director of the Center
Phone: 0989.556.698
Research fields:
- Biodiversity conservation
- Forest species
- Sustainable forest management
Curriculum vitae: CV link
a song anh
Nguyen Song Anh
Literacy: Bachelor in Economy
Position: Vice-director of the Center.
Phone: 0973.438.111
Research fields:
- Economic management
Curriculum vitae: CV link
a son
Le Thanh Son
Literacy: Master in Forestry
Position: Researcher
Phone: 0988.151.270
Research fields:
- Forest species
- Sustainable forest management
Curriculum vitae: CV link
Literacy: Bachelor
Bui Thanh Tung
Environmetal Science
Position: Collaborator
Phone: 01689.910.495
Research fields:
- Forest resources management
- Application of GIS and Remote sensing
Curriculum vitae: CV link
a trinh
Bui Hung Trinh
Literacy: Master
Position: Researcher
Phone: 0985.218.828
Reseach fields:
- Biodiversity
Curriculum vitae: CV link

5. Address

Research Center for Wildlife and Plant Conservation –Telephone: 0466.522.111

Room 120, A3 Building, Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment - Vietnam National University of Forestry

Xuan Mai Town – Chuong My district - Ha Noi

Hướng nghiên cứu trọng điểm:
Hướng nghiên cứu trọng điểm Viện Sinh thái rừng và Môi trường (Research focus of IFEE):
1. Thiết lập hệ thống theo dõi, giám sát và cập nhật diễn biến rừng ngập mặn ven biển Việt Nam
(Developing a system to observe, monitor and update the changes of mangrove forests in Vietnam)  

2. Nghiên cứu xây dựng Hệ thống giám sát biến động rừng ven biển Việt Nam 2017 -2019 
(Developing the Vietnam coastal forest monitoring system during 2017-2019)

3.  Lập đề án phát triển rừng bền vững bằng phương thức nông lâm kết hợp và trồng cây phân tán giai đoạn 2019-2025 
(Planning a sustainable forest development project by combining agroforestry and planting scattered trees in the period of 2019-2025)
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