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Field trip to Ba Vi National Park and GPS exercise (IFEE) 05/10/2017

Sunday - 08/10/2017 05:17
On October 5th, 2017: The team went to the Ba Vi National Park during the morning and had a field trip on Luot mountain - Vietnam National University of Forestry, practiced with GPS device to identify the coordination of given points and the boundary of the study area in the afternoon.

On the third day of the working session “Spatial analysis for integrated land-use planning & mainstreaming multiple benefits in sub-national REDD+ planning”, the program team had a field trip to Ba Vi national park. In here, the staff of national park introduced about ecosystems and activities. The team went to some special sites of National Park.

Some photos of the field trip:

Sightseeing in plantation forest – Landmark 400, Ba Vi NP

Sightseeing in natural forest – Landmark 400, Ba Vi NP


Commemorative photo of working session

 In the afternoon, the team came back to VNUF campus then went to Luot mountain.          IFEE advisors guided members to use GPS for recording locations and boundaries. Each group was given a task to find the hidden point with given coordination then go around to record boundary. Finally, the team came back to IFEE office to work with data from GPS on computers.

Some photos on Luot Moutain:

Finding “treasure” by GPS 

Identifying boundary with GPS

Filling information on papers

Feeling “taste of forest”

Author: VOVNews/VNA

Source: IFEE


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