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The progress of the project "Conservation and Development of Erythrophleum fordii Forest in Va Temple, Trung Hung Ward, Son Tay Town, Hanoi"

Wednesday - 17/01/2018 03:22
The Project “Conservation and Development of Erythrophleum fordii forest in Va Temple, Trung Hung Ward, Son Tay Town, Ha Noi” was implemented by Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment - IFEE. Up to now, IFEE has proposed technical solutions, management mechanism to conserve and develop Erythrophleum fordii forest in Va Temple.
Va Temple in Van Gia village, Trung Hung ward, Son Tay town, Hanoi, also known as East palace belonging a four palace system of Doai region (North palace in Tam Hong commune, Vinh Lac district, Vinh Phuc province; South palace in Tan Linh commune, West palace in Minh Quang commune, Ba Vi district, Ha Noi) worship the Deity Tan Vien, one of four immortals deity of folk beliefs in Vietnam. Temple was classified as historical-cultural relics at the national level according to Decision No. 29/VH-QD dated 13/01/1964.
Va temple is enclosed by a forest with an area of about 17.500 m2. Around the temple, there are many ancient trees, such as Erythrophleum fordii, Artocarpus heterophyllus, Plumeria spp, Michelia champaca L., etc. have many spiritual and philosophical meanings about the life of previous generations.
However, some ancient Erythrophleum fordii trees has died recently. In 2010 there were three trees, in 2011 one more tree died, every year large branches are also often broken. In the process of care and inspection, Management Board of Va temple found most of the ancient trees were insects, hollow intestines. In recent years, local authorities and local people have taken measures to preserve the Erythrophleum fordii forest by planting some new trees at the site of the dead tree or increase the area of Erythrophleum fordii... But the methods weren’t effective. Erythrophleum fordii trees have been still standing at the risk of dying, due to the impacts of time, people, and pests. While newly planted trees were unable to grow for some reasons, such as soil depletion and poor care…  At present, many branches have been broken to endanger the temple architecture, people, and tourists. Therefore, the implementation of the project "Conservation and Development of Erythrophleum fordii forests in Va temple, Trung Hung Ward, Son Tay Town, Hanoi" to preserve and restore the infected old Lim trees was necessary. This task was carried out by Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment. In order to apply the proposed technical measures in  Erythrophleum fordii forest, the consulting unit undertook the following tasks:

•    Investigating and evaluating the growth status and pest infestation in Erythrophleum fordii forest.
•    Investigating, evaluating the current status of the site and climate conditions in Erythrophleum fordii forest.
•    Investigating and evaluating the impacts of people (festivals, tourism ..) on the growth, pest, and disease in  Erythrophleum fordii forest.
•    Research on the biology and ecology characteristics of Erythrophleum fordii.
•    Proposing technical measures and management mechanisms to gradually preserve and develop Erythrophleum fordii forest.

Some photos of the implementation process:
Surveying team in Va Temple
Canopy of Erythrophleum fordii trees

Hollowed out Erythrophleum fordii tree
Investigating the growth of Erythrophleum fordii

Soil structure

Soil samples collected from the field
"Proposing the technical solutions, management mechanism for conservation and development of Erythrophleum fordii forest", IFEE has proposed technical solutions: soil improvement, broken branches treatment, ...; Solutions on the management mechanism: planning the service areas, planning the road system for festivals ... It is expected that in January 2018, IFEE will carry out the task "Applying trial proposed technical measures in Erythrophleum fordii forest".

Author: Nguyen Huu Van

Source: Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment

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