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Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment - 10 years of construction and development

Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment (IFEE) was established by Decision No. 1583 / QD-BNN / TCCB June 1, 2006 of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Viện Sinh thái rừng và Môi trường - 10 năm xây dựng và phát triển
Location of the conducted research activities (2006 - 2016)

The establishment of Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment (IFEE) is to "strengthening the training and scientific researchcapacity of the Vietnam National University of Forestry (VNUF), meet the requirement of providing highly qualified human resources for the industrialization and modernization of the country ".

The main function of IFEEincludes training, scientific research, technology transfer; international cooperation; Consultation and services about forest ecology, environment. The main activities of IEEE are related to forest ecology, forest resources, environmental protection and natural disaster prevention, information technology application in forestry, etc.

IFEE consists of more than 40 key staffs and dozens of collaborators who are scientists and lecturers from Faculty of silviculture, Faculty of forest and environmental management, forestry economics department etc. from VNUF. The Institute has been provided a lot of equipment and materials by Government for training and scientific research.

Since the establishment, staffs of theIFEE have participated in University and Post-graduate training, staff training for localities, and implemented a wide range of scientific and technological research projects for the forestry sector. They have been teaching thousands of hours for University and Post-graduate classes and technical training courses for local officials. The training includes forest ecology, plant and animal life, forest inventories, nurseries and forest tree species selection, hydrological meteorology, environmental impact assessment, and management. Forest fire prevention and fighting, forest environmental services, etc. The training methods of the IFEE are diversity including lectures, graduation instructors, dissertation guides, short training courses, etc. The training helped the staffs to strengthen their professional capacity, improve their knowledge, connect theories with reality, strengthen relationships with localities.

Looking back on 10 years of operation and development, the IFEEhas achieved significant achievements, reached the trust in a number of areas of scientific and technological research of the forestry sector. The IFEE has implemented 02 State-level scientific and technological missions, 14 ministerial-level science and technology missions, 06 science and technology ministries at provincial and city level, 05 key projects of the State and MARD, and 22 scientific and technological service contracts and in a wide range of provinces and cities, as follows:

10 years anniversary

The Institute has been granted the Certificate of Copyright Registration for Softwares: "Inspection of forest inventory data", "Management of forest inventory data in Vietnam" and Database management software: "Payment for forest environmental services in Vietnam -

The Institute has taken part in the research and development of scientific issues related to forest fire prevention, wave and flood control, forest species development, wildlife conservation and development, forestenvironmental services, forest inventory and investigation, information technology in forestry, REDD +, forestry policy development, etc. The results of scientific research have been applied directly in forestry sectors such as forest inventory, forest coverage ratio determination entire Vietnam and localities, payment for forest environmental services, application of information technology in forestry, GIS and remote sensing...

The Institute has participated in the implementation of key projects in Vietnam and the forestry sector:

  • Project "National Forest Investigation and Inventory and Surveys": The Institute conducted surveys and supported forest inventory in 14 provincesand created prestige for the Ventral and Locals.
  • Project "Forest Species Development": 7 species have been identified and recognized with 310 dominant species in Yen Bai, Nghe An, Ha Giang, Lai Chau, Bac Giang, Dong Nai provinces; 13 ha of transgenic species (already recognized in 2015) in Yen Bai and Nghe An; 15.9 ha of orchard species in 2006 - 2010 in Thanh Hoa, Lang Son and Phu Tho provinces; 10 hectares of nursery in Yen Bai, Nghe An, Bac Giang provinces; Establishment of 13 ha of breeding forest in Lai Chau, Dong Nai; 8 hectares of special forest plantation in Hanoi and Lai Chau; two high quality forest seedling nurseries in Son Tay and Dong Nai.
  • Project "Supporting the preparation for REDD + implementation in Vietnam" The Institute has participated in "Provincial REDD + Action Plan Development" in four provinces: Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri and Dak Nong.

In addition, the Institute has implemented forest planning projects following forest inventory forprovinces, establishing sectoral standards, including standards for coastal mangroves and coastal sand.

In 2016, the Institute awardedExcellent Labor Unittrophy at the Ministry level; 02 excellent laborers, 06 senior laborers, 05 individuals have won theemulation fighter trophy, 37 individuals have won theadvanced labor trophy, 05 individualinitiatives which have been recognized Foundation level.

The Institute has expanded the relationship with a number of agencies in forestry, NGOs such as WWF, PanNature, GIZ, Winrock International, FAO in Viet Nam, UNEP, FCPF, SNV...

Participating actively in scientific research and solving practical problems of the forestry sector, helping the staffs gain knowledge and experiencesin terms ofability to successfully implement programs and projects. Many staffshave used the scientific data of the Institute to complete their Master's and Doctoral dissertations, have published the results of scientific research in the publications of theforestry sector and Universities. Most of the missions carried out by the Institute have been organized scientifically and achieved good results, meeting the requirements of the sector and are highly appreciated by local authorities. The knowledge gained from the research and practical activities of the Institute also contribute to improving the quality of the curriculum, lectures and the quality of training in general of the Universities.

In the context of science and technology is constantly expanding into many new areas as well as supporting, promoting the research units and scientists with prestigious technology, high standard to bring the useful science products for society. In addition, the science and technology market is constantly refining and rejecting units and individualsobjectively, if they are unable to meet the requirements of reality, they will not catch up with the development trend of the time. Being aware of the context, opportunities, and challenges of reality, the Institute hasunited to work together to identify and set up research objectives and strategieswith reality and trends, development of the sector in particular and the world in general.

The main knowledge foundation and development orientations for the period 2017-2020 and 2020-2025 are defined as follows: (1) Determining the high technology applicationin research is vital; (2) To focus on researching and introducing scientific and technological products to solve existing problems in order to promote production and improve people's living conditions in forest ecology and environment. forest, community forestry, adaptation and adaptation to climate change, forest environment services, forestry policy; (3) Fostering high-level human resources (through the training and retraining strategy of the Institute, as well as partnerships with prestigious partners and scientists in each field). Identification is a key element to enhance the capacity of the Institute and ensure the quality of scientific products of the Institute; (4) Promote the improvement of regulations on scientific management, financial management, coordination regulations, regulations on recruitment and management of cadres, regulations on training and development of human resources to create dynamic Sustainable development for the Institute.

The main research focus of IFEE in 2017-2020 will include: (1) Research and development of forest ecology and environmental services, development of forest species, sustainable forest management, and forest; (2) Research and develop new technologies and services about: Forest development and protection, environmental protection, forestry disasters prevention, application of GIS and remote sensing in forestry, natural resources management; (3) Research and implementation of projects and missons on forest management and planning, development of forest species; (4) Research on Social Forestry; (5) Research on climate change, mitigation and adaptation solutions in terms of forestry; (6) Research on forestry policies for management, operation and development; (7) Contributing to formulate the national standards, technical regulations, economic and technical norms on forest ecology and environment, management of natural resources and forest species according to the provisions of law. (8) Collecting and storing the specimens for research and training;

Leadership and staff of Institute for Forest Ecology and Environment would like to thank and wish to receive more cooperation and support from the Vietnam National University of Forestry, scientists, and colleagues across the country. With its efforts, the Institute will continue to contribute scientific research and practical activities to meet the developing requirements of the University and the forestry sector.

(Author: Prof. Dr. Vuong Van Quynh)

Hướng nghiên cứu trọng điểm:
Hướng nghiên cứu trọng điểm Viện Sinh thái rừng và Môi trường (Research focus of IFEE):
1. Lập Đề án Phát triển rừng nguyên liệu gắn với phát triển công nghiệp chế biến lâm sản tỉnh Đắk Lắk đến năm 2030
(Develop a project to promote raw material forests in association with the development of forest product processing industry in Dak Lak province until 2030)  

2. Khảo sát lập địa; thiết kế phục hồi, trồng mới và các giải pháp bảo vệ rừng trồng ven biển cho các xã vùng dự án phục vụ công tác trồng rừng cho 2 năm 2020 - 2021
(Consulting services on site surveying; designing restoration, new planting and solutions for protection of coastal plantation forest for project communes for the afforestation in period 2020-2021)

3.  Rà soát, điều chỉnh giao đất phục vụ cấp đổi, cấp lại giấy chứng nhận quyền sử dụng đất, rừng cho hộ gia đình, cá nhân, cộng đồng trên địa bàn 05 xã thuộc huyện Bắc Yên, tỉnh Sơn La 
(Review and revise red books in Bac Yen, Son La)

4. Điều tra, đánh giá thực trạng và đề xuất một số giải pháp khôi phục, phát triển hệ sinh thái rừng khộp ở Tây Nguyên
(Survey, evaluate the current situation and propose a number of solutions to restore and develop the ecosystem of dipterocarp forest in the Central Highlands)
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